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It is the result of a most unholy mandate that I have ascended a steep and splintered soapbox, and have thereby assumed the rarefied rank of Minister of Art & Culture (MAC). Firstly, I must humbly request that my status as MAC, at least with regard to this art appreciation web site, be accepted as a truism. I make no bones about it; this web site is a far cry from anything democratic.



Democracy has its place, but the academic splitting-of-hairs, when applied to art appreciation, will lead neither to any profound insight, nor to the discovery of a ubiquitous maxim of fine art. Trying to academically validate "the correct approach to appreciating art" is like practicing etiquette for greeting Santa's elves before visiting the North Pole. I mean, those rules don't exist, or at least, can't be settled academically. Besides, a burden of proof makes for a most uncomfortable posture for your MAC to endure while standing atop this information-age-new-economy-soapbox.

So now, as your benevolent MAC, This content is open to interpretation. I invite you (all of you that have not already clicked off of this site Hi Mom) to sift through this site, and investigate the ideas I'm presenting. This content is open to interpretation. While we all concede my irrefutable authority as Minister of Art & Culture, I do not, nor should you, concede that any rules of art are impervious to challenge. Subjectivity is inalienable to the appreciation of art, or so it is seen to be by your exalted MAC. This site, rather than pose definitive answers, attempts to spark interest, ignite discussion and provoke critical thinking.

It is my sincere hope and goal that the pages contained herein function to enrich the experience of appreciating art for the layman, the scholar, the teacher, even the urban guerilla terrorist, who is disenfranchised by a bourgeois Euro-centric culture that decimates and subordinates all others in its path of conquest and genocide as it marches towards some self-righteous manifest destiny.

See, I told you I was benevolent.


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