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James Bondís ability to woo the women with a Vodka Martini in hand ( shaken, not stirred ), or behind the wheel of his speedy Aston Martin, has made him one of Britainís most classy bachelors. Fleming, Bondís creator, connected his character with the drink, but never let him feel its effects in excess.

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Cocktail Plus Martini ImagePart of Bondís classiness (and success with the ladies) stems from his cultural connection with the Martini. Cocktails are sexy, as Bond reveals.

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But if youíre like most people, youíve knocked back a Manhattan, sipped a Scotch and soda or nursed a Fuzzy Navel without a thought of the rich history and varied cultures that caused the cocktail to be such an inspiration to stylish drinkers worldwide. is dedicated to exploring the myths and origins of cocktails so that you can appreciate those flavours on a whole new level! Here, you will find descriptions of the glassware you may need, and why the garnish and mixers in your cocktails are as important as the spirits you use in your quest for perfection.

Have you always wanted to stock a full bar in your home? We have a list of the proper ingredients to mix with your favourite liqueurs for a successful bash. The true devotees among you can even brush up on the history of the cocktail and the cocktail shaker!

As the saying goes, you are what you eat, but here, we prefer to think that you are what you drink. So fix yourself a glass of your favourite cocktail, relax, and sample the many flavours of


Whatís In This Site?

Ingredients: The mixer is a vital ingredient for any cocktail. We list the most popular ones and offer some tips on using mixers in your cocktails.
GlasswareChoose the right glasses for your cocktails and know the names of those most commonly used for mixed drinks.
History: The origin of the name Ďcocktailí is not certain, though many explanations have been suggested.
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