Original Pop Paintings by Curt Eichelberger
Original Pop Paintings by Curt Eichelberger
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Curt Eichelberger: Online Pop Art Gallery    

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Welcome to the online art gallery of independent graphic artist Curt Eichelberger. This site, part of the W3 Artist Project, features original paintings, prints, stickers and T-shirts, personally selected by Eichelberger as examples of his finest pieces to exhibit and sell online.

Eichelberger at work on a Pop painting.Eichelberger's style of modern Pop art, like traditional Pop art, is heavily influenced by urban and commercial culture. However, his work has a unique and contemporary look. The unusual and exciting results of his preferred medium, spray paint on plexiglass, receive rave reviews in art gallery showings. Eichelberger also works with acrylics on wood to achieve amazing, highly textured, vibrant paintings.

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Pop art by Curt Eichelberger
Art Gallery Shows and More
Curt Eichelberger's Pop art has appeared in magazines like Juxtapoz and d-mag, has been featured in galleries such as the Sock Monkey Gallery in Los Angeles, and he has designed several logos including those for Next Level Clothing and The PharmacyMore . . .

About Pop artist Curt Eichelberger
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About Curt Eichelberger

"I want people to enjoy art the way they enjoy music festivals, raves and rock shows. That is the atmosphere I try to create with my art and at my shows."
  - Curt Eichelberger

Curt Eichelberger
Very few people are exposed to the work of talented young Pop artists because their work isn't shown in any major art gallery and because they can't afford to advertise in reputable art magazines. As an independent graphic artist, Curt Eichelberger works to promote the underground art scene.

Eichelberger's influences are vast and varied. "Contemporary artists such as Robert Williams, Frank Kozik, Andy Warhol, Shepard Fairey, twist, giant, and Salvador Dali have most affected my work," he says. "These artists have created art that is exciting."

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Eichelberger has been painting his "whole life." Additionally he has designed clothing for skateboarders, graffiti artists and urban hip hop kids from major metropolitan areas.

In 1995 Eichelberger and a friend started Pistol Clothing. They held "hip hop shows" and other events to promote their line of clothing and their graffiti style artwork. The shows had a fun festival atmosphere to them.

Sadly, his friend died shortly after. A year later, Eichelberger chose to sell the Pistol Clothing label and focus on his paintings. In the past two years he has had at least two art shows a month and in that time has sold over 200 paintings. His art shows continue to project a festive party atmosphere.

"When the art galleries allow it, I have a crazy and unusual atmosphere in my art shows. I know people are ready to enjoy art, not just appreciate it."

photos courtesy Roman Pina



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