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The Methodology of Family Therapy
A famous author once claimed that "every story is an act of censorship." He meant that the telling of a story involves purposeful exclusions and inclusions of facts and fiction. The job of a good therapist is to combine stories in an effort to lift the censorship and get to the heart of the matter.
Family Therapy is a child of the larger field of Psychology, applying decades of theory and experimentation. As Family Therapy has grown into a field of its own, family therapists are afforded a wealth of tactics they may employ in their efforts to help families through censorship to the truth of their situation.

Families & Therapy Links
Theory: Take some of the uncertainty out of going to therapy by understanding its methodology and some techniques of therapy.
Children&Teens: Therapy is as important for children and teens within the family as it is for the adults.
Couples: Is a person trying to have a bad marriage? If so, he can check a few things he can do to make it worse. If you want help toward a bad marriage, learn where to start.
FamilyLifeCycles: Families evolve over time based on their structure and trajectory. Take a step back to see where changes in the structure may cause conflict. 



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