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 The Healing Power of Prayer

Muslim in prayer
People of different faiths from around the world find comfort and healing in prayer. Religion can help bridge the gap of the unknown by providing us with a tangible source of human life. Religion gives us someone to pray to for help and answers. Prayer brings us hope, comfort and inner peace. 
Meditation, self-hypnosis and guided imagery can all help enhance your spiritual journey, regardless of your religion. Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Judaism, and several other religions all believe in the healing powers of prayer.
Hands Together in PrayerPrayer is similar to meditation, self-hypnosis and guided imagery. Prayer helps relax your body, create a positive environment, and relieve stress and tension. Faith in spiritual healing if you are ill can make a tremendous difference in your improvement.
Prayer actually can improve your health. Researchers at Harvard Medical School have found evidence that prayer can positively influence a number of health problems. People suffering from cancer, heart disease and other ailments often improve the quality of their life with prayer.
Science has proven that there are medical and psychological benefits to be gained from spiritual experiences. Spiritual people consistently report greater life and marital satisfaction, well-being, altruism and self-esteem than do non-religious people. Prayer helps reduce alcohol and drug use, anxiety, depression, anger and blood pressure.

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