MOLLY baby portrait


If you’ve ever had to hire a photographer for something, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how reasonable one-of-a-kind custom art can be.

I can draw, paint and design

(especially what you haven’t imagined yet)

• anything
• in any style
• to convey any message
• (for most budgets).




I’m available for any manner of graphic art, and I want to bring your unique idea to life. 



* Nonprofits and Public Schools:

I can deliver all work at cost, for my services when working for Public Education or non-profit orgs.

This means minimum wage for my time + cost of materials; the high res finished art is FREE, provided that the art is used with an attribution credit to jon ascher, and I am provided at least 1 sample for my portfolio.

I thrive on meeting challenges by delivering magnificent artwork, in the centuries-old tradition of fine artisans serving noble art patrons. I hope to hear from you soon!




On FB: /JonAscherArtwerk

On Twitter: @jon_ascher  

Instagram: jonascherartwerk

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