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What is “NeIL”

April 2, 2012 0 comments an existentialist graphic novel, art, info, NeIL, pics


graphic novel by jon ascher (@jon_ascher)

“NeIL is gorgeous, morbid, twisted and existential… the funniest book about suicide I’ve ever read!”

Shannon Wheeler
(“Too Much Coffee Man,” “Oil and Water”)

Meet Neil, our anti-hero, as he sifts through the maelstrom of his troubled life, looking for meaning in this modern-day urban fable. His life is full of hijinks, love, loss… Drugs do a lot of funny things, but as Neil feels increasingly taunted by his own life and his surroundings, is he going mad? Or, is an unknown foe out to get him? As his world unravels in a spiral of paranoia, the joke stops being funny!

Retailers: Order NeIL from Previews: Item code NOV110860 (Certified COOL!)
E-reader version available from Graphicly.
Order direct from the Cackling Imp Press Store
50% of proceeds benefit outofthedarkness.org

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