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Alaska Vacations: Travel to the Frontier

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“Nowhere else on earth is there such an abundance and magnificence of mountain, fjord and scenery . . . the Alaska coast is to become the show-place of the earth . . .”

— Henry Gannett, Chief Geographer, Alaska-Harriman Expedition, 1899


Why have Alaska vacations become so popular? The land itself contains a bounty of natural wonders, exotic wildlife, and a rich historical past that certainly would qualify it as America’s last true frontier awaiting discovery by both the experienced traveler or the novice. Alaskan Adventure Quote
Whether it is a cruise through the Inside Passage, watching the beauty of a glacier from the comfort of your private cabin, or experiencing firsthand a ceremony held in a native Eskimo village, exciting Alaska travel awaits you in the Land of the Midnight Sun.

Vacation Time:

Alaska Facts: Its weather, the Arctic Circle and other natural wonders
The State of Alaska: Its people, history and geography
Cities & Towns: Explore the towns and cities of Alaska
Alaska Cruises: Discover the Land of the Midnight Sun and the Inside Passage

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Nature Lovers, Photographers, Native Art Collectors . . . The Lights Are On
Alaska is calling you to the Land of the Midnight Sun. Plan your
Alaska Cruise via Princess Cruise Lines now.

Getting to Alaska is Half the Fun
Access to Alaska tourism and the numerous points of interest within the state is much easier than you might imagine. Commercial airlines to the major cities of Anchorage and Juneau can cut travel time dramatically and allow more freedom to enjoy the Alaskan experience. Couple on an Alaskan Cruise
Cars, campers, tour buses, and motorcycle travel along the Alaska (Alcan) Highway, the Glen Highway, and other scenic roads can add as much as a week's travel to get to some points however, the extended travel time allows visitors the opportunity to follow their own paths and to enjoy the natural beauty of the land in a more personal way.

Here’s a wonderful gift idea for someone about to take a cruise. Wine backpacks and travel accessories from You’ll find a great selection of high quality gifts sure to please even the most discriminating traveler!

Alaska vacations can include floatplanes, helicopters and small private charter planes that make the more isolated parts of the Alaskan wilderness accessible to those who would seek them. Some of these private charters offer additional activities such as a full day of halibut fishing, or nature walks on the vast stillness of a glacier.

Alaska tourism offers something for every traveler. No matter how you choose to go, Alaska is, truly, a destination of which it can be said, “it is great to travel there.

Alaska by Ship:
Voyages of the Heart
What is so unusual about Alaska travel? Just ask anyone who has ever taken a cruise through the fjords, sounds, and passages and they will confirm that an Alaska vacation is truly one-of-a-kind.

The selection of cruises, their destinations and travel packages can satisfy every taste and travel style. In recent years, Alaskan cruises have rivaled their more southerly counterparts in popularity and opportunity for adventure.

Over and beyond the major cruise lines are the smaller and more intimate yacht cruises. In these smaller vessels, travelers can see and experience the natural beauty of the land and watch from a much closer perspective, bears, eagles, wolves and other inhabitants of this unique location.

Additionally, many of the cruise packages are tied in with day trips, land tours, even train tours to the heart of the interior. Alaska tourism opportunities are numerous; theAlaska by Boat tastes and desires of Alaska’s visitors determine how they explore and immerse themselves in the nature and culture of America's 49th state.


Alaska Vacations for Everyone
By land, sea or air, through primeval forests and glaciers to cities spawned in the heyday of the gold rush, from the cry of the humpback whale to the stillness of an Arctic night ablaze with Aurora Borealis, Alaska calls to her old friends and to new friends yet to come. Alaska tourism officials and organizations have vast amounts of information and ideas on how to plan your visit to this diverse and beautiful land.

If your hobby is photography, bring plenty of film. You might catch a great shot of a breaching whale, a calving glacier or a large moose pausing by the water's edge for a long drink. Amateur photographers can hone their skills, taking advantage of the crisp, clean air to get the clearest shots. Relive the thrill of Alaska travel as you recall those special moments captured on film.

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cruise options via Princess Cruise Lines.

Why choose Alaska vacations? For the nature, the wildlife, the incredible closeness to a very ancient and yet very modern realm. For the Northern Lights and sunlit glaciers. For the richness of the native Eskimo culture and the history of the cities and towns. Above all, though, the answer is plain: to truly experience America’s once and future frontier for yourself.


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