please contact me to discuss your illustration needs or graphic design/web design project.

my basic hourly rate for original commissioned artwork or graphic design/web design is $45. i can structure my pricing as a flat fee-per-project, or strictly based on my hourly rate, whichever you are more comfortable with. email me with the details of your specific project(s) and i will gladly work up a free quote.

flexible working partnership...

if you would like my assistance in achieving your vision, whether that‘s a logo design or total world domination, i will be available continually, by phone or in person for consultation. i have designed work for multinational corporations, local businesses and individuals alike.

some of the artwork contained in this site is available for licensing. email me for an illustration licensing quote.

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all illustration and graphic design copyright © jon ascher, portland, or, usa
last updated January 28, 2010

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