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 Why Self-Hypnosis?

Communicating with the subconscious
No one understands you better than your own subconscious. Only by understanding and communicating with your body can you truly understand yourself.

This site examines four methods of relaxation and introspection that can help open communication between your conscious and subconscious minds. This communication link can provide your body with the messages and guidance it needs to heal itself, to make changes in your life, and to make yourself happier and healthier.

"The natural force within each of us is the greatest healer of disease. " -- Hippocrates

We all develop certain methods of solving our problems, but sometimes those methods may not be enough. Some situations may require a more complex method of focusing than we are used to.

We are used to searching for answers externally but we must learn to search within. It is never too late to begin your journey inside of yourself and discover who you are. Don't live your life as a stranger to yourself.

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What's in this site?
Self-Hypnosis Theory - What beliefs and facts is self hypnosis based on?

Relaxation - Why is relaxation important? What are the best methods of relaxation?

Meditation - What is meditation and how can it help you heal?
Self-Hypnosis - What is self-hypnosis? Is it safe?
How is self-hypnosis practiced?
Prayer - How can "communicating" with your faith help you both physically and mentally?
Guided Imagery - What is "imagery" and what should you see? How can you practice imagery?

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The information contained in this site is meant as a guide to good health only. It is not intended as a replacement for professional medical attention.

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