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Forget everything that you have ever seen or heard about hypnosis. Hypnosis will not make you rob a bank, hurt someone or do anything else that contradicts your beliefs. Hypnosis does not make you lose control. Rather, it increases control over the mind and body. Hypnosis is a deeply relaxed state of mind.
Self-Hypnosis is a method of relaxation and introspection similar to meditation. The methods begin in the same manner, but Self-hypnosis reaches deeper to make changes in your life and find solutions to your problems.
Self-hypnosis is often more successful than other methods in creating a change in your life because it enables you to communicate with your subconscious. You are able to:
Eye of introspectionReceive information from your subconscious about yourself, and to discover your true needs. You become aware and are able to search for answers, examine specific goals.
Eye of introspectionInstruct your subconscious on changes you wish to make and behavior patterns you would like to change through positive, constructive suggestions.
Being in the peaceful "trance" induced by hypnosis allows you to examine and change areas of yourself that your conscious mind can't normally reach. Often, permanent life changes may be made only by entering the world of your subconscious and "re-programming" your mind. Self-hypnosis targets and channels your natural inner resources for problem solving and healing.
Science has proven that with self-hypnosis you can, to a limited extent, control your body. People have actually been able to make chemical, physical and psychological changes through self-hypnosis. Some patients even have been able to defeat cancer. Find out what self-hypnosis can do for you. Click here for more information regarding

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Self-Hypnosis Theory - What beliefs and facts is self hypnosis based on?

Relaxation - Why is relaxation important? What are the best methods of relaxation?

Meditation - What is meditation and how can it help you heal?
Self-Hypnosis - What is self-hypnosis? Is it safe?
How is self-hypnosis practiced?
Prayer - How can "communicating" with your faith help you both physically and mentally?
Guided Imagery - What is "imagery" and what should you see? How can you practice imagery?

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