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Everyone can benefit from learning methods of relaxation.
Person in state of relaxationAlmost half of all adults were raised in a family with one or more of eight different abusive situations. A child growing up under any of these conditions often tries to bury these problems in the subconscious. When these children grow up, they often have problems that are a result of past issues hidden in the subconscious.
The methods of relaxation and introspection examined on this site help people search within their subconscious and discover the root of their unhappiness. The unconscious mind may hold the answer to the real problem, but most people rely instead on their conscious mind, unaware of its limitations. To get answers, you must be able to understand and communicate with the "inner" you. Meditation, self-hypnosis, prayer and guided imagery can all help you open the door to your subconscious.
Everyone has room for improvement in their life and can benefit from learning methods of relaxation. Relaxation is the first step in self-hypnosis, meditation and guided imagery. Relaxing helps you reduce stress and ultimately improve your health.
Experiment with the methods outlined on this site and find the one that is right for you. Each one of us is unique, and we each require our own method(s) for success. Utilize what you gain from the various techniques to create your own inner balance and harmony, and improve your life.

Breathing is the first step to many relaxation techniques.

Take a slow, deep breath for 3 seconds, and inhale through your nose. Allow the air to expand your stomach and chest.
2. Hold the air for another 3 seconds.
3. Slowly exhale through your mouth for 6 seconds. Begin again, paying attention to the rhythm.
Imagine the tension and stress flowing out of your body as you exhale. Tense a group of muscles, then release as you exhale. Or, you can simply lie down or sit and imagine the stress escaping from your body.

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What's in this site?
Self-Hypnosis Theory - What beliefs and facts is self hypnosis based on?

Relaxation - Why is relaxation important? What are the best methods of relaxation?

Meditation - What is meditation and how can it help you heal?
Self-Hypnosis - What is self-hypnosis? Is it safe?
How is self-hypnosis practiced?
Prayer - How can "communicating" with your faith help you both physically and mentally?
Guided Imagery - What is "imagery" and what should you see? How can you practice imagery?

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